About us

Passion, determination, research, and innovation are the characteristics of THESIGN, Antipanic’s prestigious brand. The company Antipanic in leader in the production of panic exit device for escape door.

Today Antipanic is one of the most important industrial enterprises operating in the field of panic exit devices. It is a family business with deep roots and an entrepreneurial success story.

Experts design extremely innovative products, which are then produced by our team of highly qualified technicians.

Challenges represent added value, and it is for this reason that we decided to create a new line of panic exit devices that are not only sturdy, reliable, safe, and compliant with regulations in force, but also aesthetic, streamlined, and well designed.

THESIGN is intended for those who consider panic exit devices to be true furnishings and not just a product to be installed on emergency exits.

THESIGN panic exit device 100% manufactured in Stainless STEEL INOX 316.

THESIGN, details that leave a mark.